How many images should I upload for my designer?

Helpful tips BEFORE you start your Design for $49 Upload
1. Make sure to name your files in a simple format, such as smith01.jpg, smith02.jpg, etc. This makes it easy for your designer to chat with you about specific images if necessary
2. Make sure your images don't exceed 10mb

Design Recommendations
KISS recommends that you keep your design simple and clean. It's okay to have multiple images on a couple spreads, but when you're designing using multiple images on every spread, the design will start to look like a small image collage. The key to story telling is having main images that are strong and evoke emotion with supporting images that give details about the story. Our recommended image count for a design is below:

10 2-page spreads (our minimum book): 30-40 images
11-18 2-page spreads: 40-60 images
19-25 2-pages spreads: 60-80 images
26-32 2-page spreads: 80-100 images
33-40 2-page spreads: 100-150 images

For more information on what kind of images to upload for your designer, see the recommendations below. 

10-15 spread design:

1 hero shot (horizontal with B &G off centered and with PLENTY of space around the subjects)
3 details (shoes, dress, bouquet)
3 getting dressed/bridesmaids
3 portrait 
3 details (shoes, tie, boutonniere)
3 getting dressed/groomsmen
3 portrait
12-15 images
Family shots
3-6 formal shots (leave extra room around subjects)

Bridal Party  
1-3 bridesmaids
1-3 groomsmen
1-3 bridal party
Couple Portraits
6-9 Formal Shots with mixture of Vert. & Hor.
Reception details
6 detail shots of reception
1 grand entrance photo
Toast and Dance
3-5 toasting images
3-5 B&G dance
2-6 Mother/Father dance images
3-5 images
Other (reception - such as dancing, garter/bouquet)
no more than 18 images 
Leaving reception/ or romantic image
1-3 images with at least one being horizontal.
*Not all images you upload should be used, but uploading a selection of images will give the designer ample choices to make a pleasing layout.

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